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Top Customer Questions

After order placement, when will I receive my tickets?

You are right to ask this question. Mostly all people have these worries about the shipment of their ticket orders after they place them on our site. Yet, you should take in consideration that tickets are not all the time on hand for shipment. Hence, this is essential to be known since the “FedEx” notion is likely to summon dreams of near-immediate ticket receive. While, tickets are not yet printed or distributed by the advertisers of the event till there still few weeks for the event to take place. At that case, tickets are sent to the sellers before being re-sent to you. In others cases, some tickets sellers purchase tickets from other sellers, so you’ll wait to your tickets to pass through other third hand before you get them.

Basically, event advertisers plan to distribute tickets only to the primary buyers of the product. So, they do not plan to distribute tickets to other secondary party, namely you. Thus, the delivery differs comprehensively depending on the event, ticket, or seller. Alas, since, we, at Ticketsinventory, do not take action in printing process, we do not control that issue, and the seller does not as well. However, you are assured that our sellers are going to ship your tickets as shortly as they get them. And you should keep in mind that you’re given the guarantee to get your tickets before the event or you’ll be refunded!

Yet, in case you want of getting more information about tickets delivery, you still have the option of contacting directly your order’s seller. It’s them who’ll ship your tickets, and of course, they are those who have more details about the shipment process. And for their contact details, they are placed on the summary email instantly sent after order placement.

Why to pass through FedEx shipment?

Different tickets sellers listed on our website use FedEx in their shipment for safety reasons and customer service worries. Such as money, tickets are unique items and could not be reprinted or returned in case of loss in the mail. Hence, ticket sellers use FedEx to ship your tickets, as it guarantees the reception of your tickets in a safe and prompt way. Likewise, the requirement of a signature at delivery ensures the reception of tickets by their anticipated recipient. If a set of tickets is shipped via USPS and lost in the mail, the client also lost through USPS administrative bureaucracy to take his money back.

Is it possible to receive my tickets in a different address to the billing address?

It’s possible! On the checkout page, there is a small box telling you to “Use my billing address as my shipping address”, it is to be checked, but if you uncheck it then a new text box for shipping address will be displayed on the check out page. Then, you’ll type your new intended address information and direct your seller where you want to receive your tickets. As an exception, if the order placed exceeds $750, this alternate would not be applicable and your order may be rejected for safety reasons so as your pricy purchase is securely shipped.

Can I receive my tickets to PO boxes?

Of course, yes! A lot of customers get worried because we require our sellers to FedEx shipment, and FedEx does not ship to PO Boxes. At that point, customers have the option to provide another alternate shipping address to avoid the issue. For that aim, in the checkout page, you’ll note a little box telling “Use my billing address as my shipping address.” If you uncheck that box, you’ll cause new shipping address text box to come into view in the checkout page. And then, you’ll fill your new shipment information including a non-PO Box address for your shipment.

How to track ticket package?

It’s simple! In order to track ticket package customers may use the FedEx number received after the order placement on our site. After the seller generates the number, you’ll receive it in an email from us. However, this does not mean that your tickets would be shipped right then and there. Sometimes, tracking numbers are generated before sellers could be able to ship ticket orders just to get the job done early. Hence, the customer shouldn’t pay attention to the FedEx tracking information and the “estimated arrival time”, until it is sure that tickets have shipped. (When your tickets ship, we also will email you so you can track your package.)

How to get to get tickets via email, local pick-up, or will call?

When it comes to delivery, ticket sellers who resell tickets through our exchange always make FedEx as a default ticket shipment. For that reason, in spite of the delivery details cited in the listing lines, FedEx shipping by default appears on the checkout page. Besides, it’s significant to keep in mind that tickets on our exchange are owned by ticket sellers so they are the ones to have the delivery options decision. Some sellers that are close to the venue may organize a local pick up or leave tickets at will call, while others who have ability or desire may email tickets instead of shipping them via FedEx.

Though, local pick-up, email, and will call are just options for ticket delivery if cited on the ticket listing notes. Hence, your ticket note for instance should contain “local pick up near venue”, or “e-tickets”, or “will call available” to mention delivery options available. However, it is better for customers to call the sellers after they place their orders to confirm that you want to choose non-shipping for delivery. (In some cases, local pick-up, email, and will call…etc, is listed by some sellers as only one choice for clients and can’t choose that method only if you are authorized.)

Unluckily, if local pick-up, email, or will call is not advertised clearly on a ticket listing, then your tickets are expected to be shipped via FedEx. (As an exception of that rule, the case of some-day ticket ordering, when tickets could be obtainable through one or more of these options.)

Right! Our system very often make FedEx shipping on default while checkout though ticket seller could provide non-shipping option. At that time, the customer could place the order and ask us or the seller for repayment, partly or completely, the delivery charge. (Not guaranteed, but asking would be better.)

Is it possible to order tickets on the same day of an event, and how?

Sure, you can! Actually, the specialty of secondary ticket market is to hand tickets to customers at the last minute. However, as a customer, you should remember that this is done under certain rules. Particularly, if the delivery option is only available via will call, local pick-up, or email. So, what does will call, local pick-up, and email delivery options signify. Will call means you’ll get your tickets from the venue box office about an hour before the event (game, performance...etc). Local pick-up means that you’ll get tickets at a particular place away from the venue about some 30 minutes. ‘Email’ means that you’ll get tickets via email at the seller’s caution. Rarely, ticket sellers may also send tickets via ‘courier’.
You keep in mind that these delivery methods are available at the caution of the sellers. Some sellers indicate one or all these options on the day of an event. Hence, when you examine tickets, method is displayed clearly, for instance “will call available,” “can be emailed” and/or “local pickup.” While other sellers do not display which method they can use to deliver your tickets. So, you can’t know until you contact them after order placement. And if you worry and you’re rush, it would be better to go with those sellers listing clearly how your tickets could be delivered. Keep in mind that when tickets are checked out at the same day when the event itself takes place, the delivery options will call, local pickup and email are just assumed to be unlisted.
Thus, if the customer decides to order tickets the same day as the event itself, then he’ll have to select the delivery option for $15. This is the linear rate to pay for ticket sellers to be handed tickets at the last, save for rare conditions. Seldom, some charitable sellers may offer $5 choice so as tickets could be emailed. Nevertheless, otherwise, the $15 charge is relevant and the $15 fee is expected when the customer loads check out page. In this concern, choosing one of the delivery options, local pick-up, or will call, or email is not important, and the fee remains. And there, he’ll order his tickets and information will be sent right away to the ticket seller. Here, the customer has to call the seller to ask or confirm the delivery option. Right, one may wait to hear from them, but it is better to call and avoid any worries and instantly get guarantees about tickets. P.S: The seller phone number is to be found the receipt received instantly after order placement. Moreover, information could be found on the post order appearing after requesting ticket order.

After all, you should have the ability to arrange to organize getting tickets from the seller and access the event. Why this worth to be mentioned? It’s because the seller, in some cases, could not fulfill your order due to some reasons. Regrettably, this problem is intrinsic when the order is close to the event when order is enormously high and sellers are very busy. Thus, the seller is to be given some time to validate the order, and also take in consideration your own time limitations while a placement order. The customer had better not suppose what’s not explicitly promised by the seller to avoid any unexpected misunderstanding. So, for instance, it is possibly rush to request email shipped tickets while you could be on the road right an hour after placing the order and consequently won’t be accessed to a printer. You may suppose the seller could deliver you tickets before leaving; however, your assumption might be only a guess. When you decide to place an order, we urge you be careful that it’s the best choice that will fit your traveling plans.

Can I get tickets abroad?

The possibility of shipping tickets overseas, i.e. outside of US, depends on the seller. Some sellers could ship ticket for far regions around the world while others hardly deliver to Canada. Thus, the best measure for overseas shipping method is to check shipping options found on the checkout page. If your country is listed, then you are lucky and the seller is shipping to that county, if not, you have to look for an alternate delivery or quit the event. However, you don’t worry, you still can search other ticket sets on the site, and it’s possible that you may find a seller who is able to accomplish what you need.

Is it possible to mix shipping on various orders?

Unfortunately, it is not possible because, on our website, tickets are listed by different sellers from different locations in the country. Hence, multiple ticket orders are to be shipped from various locations in different times by different people. For that, it’s impossible to combine shipping fees since your orders will be shipped from separate locations. But, it’s probable that your orders end to come from one source, then you may contact that seller to combine fees into one. Nevertheless, it is significant to keep in mind that the combination of various multiple tickets shipments is only at the caution of ticket seller and far from guaranteed. Moreover, you won’t recognize if your different order end up from one source until after order placement and seller’s information is displayed. Thus, it’s better to suppose that different delivery charges will stand and put in consideration this case is possible for your overall budget.

Can I be refunded for my shipping fees?

Unfortunately, this is not very often possible. The large number of orders on our website is shipped via FedEx to their supposed recipients. This method is preferred by tickets sellers because of the maximum of safety it offers for ticket transfer and the guarantee of signature at delivery and fast shipment. For that reason, Ticketsinventory system may at times make FedEx as your shipping option by default for nearly all ticket orders. Seldom, this method can cause shipping charges that could be excessive when emailing or picking up tickets, for instance $20 per email. In such cases, it would be better to contact the ticket seller request refund of shipping fees. It’s the sellers who decide the price and will ship your tickets and they are the ones responsible of your card charging. SO they have the final words.

It’s important to tell that. Sometimes, many ticket sellers refuse to offer repayment of delivery fees because the charges are not excessive as the customer may think. That’s why, clients ask why they are to pay a $ 15 when they are obliged to travel miles to a certain location to get their tickets at the venue or nearby. Simply, it’s because, like the customer, sellers have to travel too to hand you or deposit tickets. Customers, also, ask why they have to pay a $15 for emailed tickets knowing that email is free method for ticket delivery. It’s because ticket sellers pay an access charge to primary ticket sellers of ticket emailability, for that reason the customer is charged of course to avoid loss from initial sale.

So, any refund, by Ticketsinventory or by your tickets seller, is achievable by demanding on case by case basis.

Questions About Tickets

Why the name appeared on my ticket is someone else’s?

This question is commonly asked! Your name is not shown on your tickets because tickets you have purchased have been resold by its primary buyer. Thus, the first purchaser’s name is the one shown on the tickets you’ve bought. However, you don’t have to worry since this won’t thwart you from attending your event. You just bring your tickets, whether they have your name or not, and you’ll have access to tickets. And what’s so important is the Almighty Barcode!

Why my ticket is printed on a paper?

It seems as you have what’s called in the ticket industry as “paper ticket” different to “hard ticket” printed in thick cardstock. Paper tickets have various embodiments like e-tickets, Ticketfast, and other invented expressions. Though, paper tickets are the like as “hard” ticket type, they are valid and there should be no worries. Paper tickets are frequently emailed to the initial seller before being printed by primary buyer and sent to the secondary purchaser. Basically, sellers desire to email e-tickets via FedEx as the physical shipment is more and safer guaranteed. Also, we should mention that any promises are given that a ticket won’t be a paper except if the choice is displayed on the ticket listing.

What’s wrong, I’ve received tickets in a different section and/or row?

It seems as if you have received what is called in the ticket industry “alternative tickets.” Basically, clients receive an exchange for their tickets when the seller no longer has a possession of the exact tickets the client has bought. It happens sometimes when the same ticket group is altogether ordered by two or more people. You should keep in mind that tickets listed on our website are listed on many other websites as well. Thus, from time to other the seller might be faced with two orders and with scarce of tickets to fulfill the order. In such cases, the client whose order came earlier is the one who get tickets. And the seller looks for alternative choices to offer to second customer who ordered tickets. And these alternative tickets are acceptable if they have the same price as those ordered and are equal or better value in comparison to the primary ticket order. Basically, providing alternative tickets are provided so as to avoid cancellation of the client’s order. And if this happens, the customer may be obliged to look for new tickets after the prices have noticeably risen as the seats scarce. Hence, many of our customers are satisfied with the alternates they receive, when that happens, and the issue ends there. In few cases, some clients got frustrated with their new tickets in comparison to tickets they ordered. And when that happens, as a customer, you should directly contact the seller of your ticket and ask them to correct the situation. Besides, if you fail in that, you still can contact us and we’ll see what we can do to assist you.

Are tickets on Ticketsinventory real tickets to real events?

100% guaranteed! We are in the ticket market for years and we are proud of our experience and proud as we are one of the well known websites in selling tickets all around the country. Therefore, it’s true; tickets found on our website are real tickets to real events. We can assure this since we are selective with companies and people selling tickets on our exchange. For companies, only registered with a government or civic organization companies are allowed to list tickets on our website. And for people, we accept tickets from them under restricted circumstances so as to guarantee the relevance of tickets. Consequently, make sure that when you order your tickets through Ticketsinventory, you’re doing it a trusty website who valuably considers its clients. For those sellers who offer unpleasant service or lacks professionalism, we punish them.

What if I receive wrong tickets?

Wait, Firstable, you’ve to check if tickets you received are not what considered alternate tickets. If it is the case, then it’s not wrong tickets what you have received but alternate tickets as a replacement to the original tickets you already ordered. Unless, if your tickets are for a different event at a different time, at that time, you are right to say that your tickets are wrong. And if this what happens, and rarely does, you are to contact directly the sellers of your tickets very soon to inform them of that mistake as they are those who sell, ship, and price tickets. So, if you call them they could assist you out ASAP and get in to correct the error.

What happens in case of tickets loss?

Unfortunately, and we are sorry to tell that we could not do anything for you in this case. As tickets are unique items, they are un-expendable and infrequently could be reprinted and replaced to their purchasers. This may annoy you, but this is done so as to avoid ticket fraud and double booking. At Ticketsinventory, we are unable to reprint or re-access tickets as we are not the ones who own the inventory. What we could only advise you, is to contact the seller of your tickets. If this method fails, sorry to tell that in general, tickets are un-duplicable and in such cases there is nothing that could be done. So, please keep your tickets in a safe place where you can’t lose them.

What if I order wrong tickets?

Alas! Basically, ticket sales are final and no cancelations are allowed either in secondary or primary ticket market. And because tickets are unique items, and depending on the time remain for the event; the price may rise or fall, it is agreed that tickets sales are final and no refunds, or cancellations, or exchange are acceptable. Thus, we are afraid we could not do anything for you at Ticketsinventory when you place a wrong order. The only what we recommend you is to contact the ticket sellers if they could accept an exchange. And any pursuit of the ticket switch is done solely on the guarantee of the ticket seller and we cannot guarantee that?

You still have the choice of reselling these wrong tickets yourself through Ticketsinventory. But, it’s appropriate to mention that for security matters, you don’t have the right to place tickets for sale unless the event is above 7 days and your tickets are cardboard-based. For we need some time to receive tickets from you and then inspect them before we could be able to send them to the client. Therefore, it is worth mention that everyone should pay attention to what he’s ordering.

Make sure of that you read all the information before clicking to order, because as it’s clicked that’s all, it’s done.

Can Ticketsinventory hold my tickets?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible! As we are not the owners of tickets, we are unable to hold them. All the listed tickets on our website are possessed and shipped by various licensed sellers. The ones who hold tickets are the sellers, but their information is not shown until you place the order. Moreover, Sellers are not ready to hold tickets for you because the price of tickets is fluctuating depending on the time remain to the event. And as an event is over, its tickets become useless and no longer have value. For all that, ticket sellers refuse to hold tickets since this expected customer may not end up in purchasing tickets. And if it is the case, they would have missed the chance of sale, which is what they are found for. Thus, the only relevant way of holding tickets is purchase them.

Does Ticketsinventory buy tickets?

No, we don’t. Ticketsinventory is a ticket market via which people could put for sale their tickets. Actually, we do not make any direct transactions in tickets. Our main job is based on facilitating your ticket purchase and assisting you in transactions. Ticketsinventory has no direct engagement in purchasing and selling tickets.

Can I put my tickets for sale on your exchange?

Yes, you can! Ticketsinventory has the pleasure if you become a part of our consumer community. You just keep in mind, that you’re allowed to be so only if the event is above 7 days away. For we need some time to receive tickets from you and then inspect them before we could be able to send them to the client. Apart from this, all you are to do is to follow directions after signing up, and then you’ll be able to post your tickets for sale.

Questions About Ticket Listings

Are the seats on Ticketsinventory listing side-by-side?

Mostly, they are! All the seats listed on our site are assured to be together only if otherwise cited on the ticket notes. This standard is a requirement that every seller should respect if he desires to list his tickets on our listing. This standard helps you as a ticket purchaser to be next to your family and friends. But, you should keep in mind that we could not guarantee that tickets listed in different sections and/or rows could be together. This is due to the wide number of probable seating choices in various row and/or section listings that do not allow the seller to warranty a kind or a placement of a seat.

Why your ticket listing does not contain seat numbers?

Fundamentally, numbers of seats are not listed to avoid the problems of double booking. As the online commerce could be done on an instant manner, different people may end up ordering the same tickets at the same time. So, to avoid this annoying situation, tickets are given some flexibility in sections and rows. Thus, ordering the same tickets by various customers is minimized and number of disappointed people is lessened. Besides, this could also resulted because some sellers could hold tickets seasonally, for that they refuse to show seat numbers for privacy matters.

How to know if my tickets are partial/obstructed view?

You’ll be told by sellers. Just ticket sets marked “obstructed view” or “partial view” are blocked. We require for sellers listing on our website to clearly communicate this issue so as the client won’t find himself behind a pillar for instance. You have also to remember that the information that a certain seat has a blocked view comes from the venue. It’s them who mark seats if they have blocked view and they assure the printing of a notice on tickets. For that, we are not responsible if the venue considers a seat unobstructed and the customer thinks it so. (Venues are those who know if their seats have partial or complete obstructed view).

Why can’t I buy a certain number of tickets?

This question is commonly asked. You have to keep in mind that tickets listed on our website are provided by various licensed tickets sellers. The latter, have multiple inventories and consequently various seating options for choice. Hence, it’s common to a seller to have limited seats in a certain section or row. Moreover, mostly all sellers dislike selling tickets in a way that they come ultimately to a solitary leftover. (As entertainment is a social experience that is to be shared and lived together, people frequently go in groups or in pairs, so to sell single tickets is hard.) For that, sellers desire to sell tickets in groups, for instance 1—4, or even better 1—10.

What is all this matter about Zone and Category seating?

Lately, Zone and Category seating have been introduced to the secondary market from Europe. This two seating types are in general similar to their nature but a little bit different in labeling. With both types, the customer does not have endless lists of tickets in particular sections and rows. But, the venue is scattered geographical into a variety of chunks according to a number of diagram models. Concerning Category seating, those chunks are common sensical locales, for instance Mezzanine, Loge, Orchestra…etc. And Zone seating, chunks are arbitrarily drawn and distinguished with changeable creativity. Hence, Zones could be tagged as Silver, Bronze, Gold or as A, B, C, or other classification. In this system, event attendees are provided options to buy seats based only on their Zone and/or their category, and not on particular characteristics. This signifies that tickets listed to being in Section for instance: Zone A, Row 1 or Section: Mezzanine, Row 15 could be situated in anyplace in that Zone or the Mezzanine in the particular row. Fortunately, this enormous span of seating has no effects on tickets you buy and they still guaranteed to be collectively so long as one row choice is listed for the ticket collection.

How flash tickets function?

Flash ticketing is an innovative technology used as an infrequent way for ticket distribution by promoters of events. Though it is not very popular and has a rare usage. Particularly, in flash ticketing, someone who wants to attend an event has to go to the venue on the same day or night of the performance or game and swipe the credit card he uses to buy tickets from venue Kiosk. Then, the latter will print a ticket receipt that would be on hand to the venue employees in order to have event access. In comparison to ticket resale, this method does not cause more obstacles for those desiring to attend certain event using tickets from secondary seller. Mainly, in that case, you’ll be emailed a Visa gift card from the authentic seller of a ticket, containing details of the principal purchaser. That card will be needed while at the venue so as you could get your tickets after you swipe it in the aforementioned kiosk, then you finally, you have access to the event.

How paperless tickets function?

In 2008, paperless ticketing has been introduced to the ticket market whose aim is to guarantee ticket transactions and prevent fraud by using electronic information for customer identity verification instead of paper based ticket. And so as to have access to the event by means of paperless tickets necessitates the authentic buyer to take his or her ID to the venue and swipe his card there. Also, this procedure is found for the aim of assuring that the person who presents to the venue is the one who bought tickets. This method has some more complications in the way to deal with resale market and whilst the bought tickets are in fact not to be for the personal delight of the original buyer.

How paperless tickets work for clients of ticket resale? It’s simple. Paperless tickets signify that an agent from the authentic seller of a certain ticket purchase have to go with you to the venue itself so you could have access. As a result, on your ticket listing, you may notice that sellers displayed clearly that will take you in the stadium or theater. So, you’ll buy your tickets and call the seller to organize time when to meet at the venue close the start time of the event. But, remember that you won’t be the only one the seller meet and he will meet other people, so be on time.

However, in spite of the perplexity, clients needn’t be afraid of purchasing paperless tickets through our website. Generally, it’s not that complicated and the process has some advantages. For example you won’t get disturbed about ticket delivery and the idea of missing the deliveryman. Also, since you won’t deliver any tickets you won’t get disturbed about misplacing tickets. Besides, in difference to local pickup cases, you won’t have to hurry to get tickets, but you’ll present to the venue and meet the seller representative who will take you in. Moreover, the whole process is electronic; hence you won’t receive any physical tickets. However, if you still want a receipt, you can request it for your seller.

How to understand explanations on ticket listing?

This is an essential question! In contrary to resold tickets, you should all the time take notes on ticket listing at their face value. Particularly, it’s vital for clients not to read what they want to in the notes themselves. This can cause puzzlement and dissatisfaction down the line for the ticket buyer excited for ticket purchase. For instance, notes on a certain ticket set state only “lower level, side of stage.” Initially, it’s possible that the seller inform you that tickets are “lower level.” However, you should keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean “on the floor” or in “the low bleacher section.” Habitually, “lower level” signifies that tickets are particularly for lower section part. And for “second of stage”, it is not necessarily mean that your tickets are close to the stage but just means that they are off to the side of stage. Besides, there are some cases when something is not revealed in the notes, so you should always assume that this thing does not exist. For instance, you may not see “can email” be cited on the note, at that case, you don’t have arrange of receiving ticket via email.

We do not mean to scare you, but everything is going to be all right when you pay attention to information shown while purchasing tickets. Make sure that you have checked the row, section, delivery methods, venue map…etc. In addition to all these information, you still can contact us and will answer any of your questions concerning ticket notes. We are at your disposition for assistance so you could easily complete your ticket purchase.

Questions About Prices, Fees, and Refunds

Why I pay a price different to that on my tickets?

Ticketsinventory is nationwide set of connections via which accredited companies resell tickets. Thus, it is these sellers who charge your card and price tickets and ship them for you. So, sellers who provide tickets through our exchange are those to have the responsibility. Basically, ticket price is subject to market, and ticket price is high or low depending on the importance of the event. For that, prices of tickets on our listing may be above or below face value. Please remember, also, that there is no regular mark-up when re-pricing of tickets on the secondary market is concerned. Occasionally ticket mark-ups might sometimes be large and others small, and others absent.

We know that many clients got disappointed because they pay above face value. Though, it is also right that mark-up in ticket prices in resale market is found to wrap many expenses spent by sellers to acquire hard to get tickets. In order to have access to these tickets, they should pay, as well as to face value price, additional fees including for instance fees of membership in a special club and occasionally pay their own mark-up by purchasing tickets from other resellers. So, the main goal of the resale market is let tickets remain in the market longer they really could be after initial sources are sold out. Thus, we could get tickets on our schedule instead of waiting by the phone or long lines.

Also, keep in mind that Ticketsinventory could not offer any warranty that a certain ticket could be above or below face value. Those details are decided by the ticket sellers for that we could not give any pledges.

Can I receive a refund for my shipping fees?

Sorry, mostly this is not possible! The enormous majority of orders put on our website are shipped via FedEx to their expected recipients. This method is preferred by sellers as it provides more safety for tickets transfer and assures the signature-at-delivery as well as swift shipping. Consequently, in most times, our technology system defaults FedEx as shipping option for nearly all ticket orders. Thus, this default may result in shipping fee that may seem too much when emailing tickets is concerned or picking them up. In such cases, the customer has better to contact directly the seller and request a repayment of shipping fees. As the seller is the one who owns the price, charge the clients’ card, and ship tickets.

We have to point out that a lot of sellers do not repay delivery charges since these fees themselves are not excessive as they may appear to the client. Hence, the client doubt why he has to pay, for instance $15, when it is possible for him to travel and pick tickets himself at the venue or a close location. The sellers do travel, too, and they have to pay an employee and drive to the pickup location to deliver tickets for you or deposit them. Moreover, the client may ask why they have to pay $15 for emailed tickets while email is seemingly free delivery option. Sellers, are charged for their access by initial sellers regardless of ticket emailability for that they charger the customers so as to regain the loss from primary sale.

Thus, refunds for shipping charges by Ticketsinventory or by the seller are obtainable only by asking on a case-by-case basis.

How much a service fee and how it is charged?

A lot of customers do not understand why they are charged for a service fee by secondary ticket market website. Actually, this service charge is essential for the whole ticket transaction. Keep in mind that the price mark-up of tickets initially goes to the definite ticket seller concerned. Without the existence of service fee, we wouldn’t have existed. As a result, so as to finance our operations, our clients are charged some 18.5% on the total ticket price. And we deserve it for the services we are offering you, and it is lower than what other competitors charge customers. This fee pays our technological system that let us connect with sellers, email customer support, maintenance of Ticketsinventory website and security services that used for the protection of that website to make your transactions safe and secure.

Why same tickets differ in prices?

It’s a vital question! Tickets listed on our site are listed by different accredited sellers from over the country. Each seller price tickets at the value he thinks customers may pay for. A seller for instance could list tickets at $40 and another may list the same tickets for $30. This does not mean that those in $30 are less in value vis-à-vis those in $40, but the seller decided that price.( Perhaps because the seller who offers expensive tickets does not know of the existence of similar tickets at cheap price.) But, you just grab the cheap tickets before they sold out and will have to pay for the expensive ones.

Do prices rise or fall as the event is coming close?

Alas, we could not know if the prices will fall or rise as the event is closer. As we are only a network through which sellers resale tickets, what controls ticket prices is the calculations of the seller depending on the market. Basically, the price fluctuates depending on the popularity of the event, and the time remaining to the event to take place. What we could advice you is to check back the listing to have an idea and then buy.

Are there any taxes for ordering tickets through Ticketsinventory?

Occasionally, there are. Unluckily, entertainment taxes are very hazy, formless, and infrequent in their submission and accessing them. Thus, we could not estimate additional taxes that may be relevant to ticket orders through our website. Luckily, it’s right that our large majority of purchases via Ticketsinventory do not bear any taxes. Basically, what point on which you’ll be taxed depends on where the seller of your tickets is from. Unless, what mentioned, clients should not worry about taxes.

Are Ticketsinventory prices negotiable?

Alas, it’s not possible. Our prices as well as our fees are not negotiable. As we are only a network via which accredited companies resell tickets to events. Thus, we work with a large number of companies or individual holders of tickets. For that reason, we could not be able to take one-sided decisions concerning prices or fees of tickets. Definitely, the majority of orders profits are scattered among different actors instead of being handed to only an entity. And, any alteration in one fee will automatically and disapprovingly have influence on our partners.

Could discount code be useful on Ticketsinventory?

Any code used should have validity and registration with Ticketsinventory. Sometimes, you may face some un-trusty websites claiming that they may offer you a discount codes, though there is nothing of this in reality. For that, you have to keep that in mind when you face such allegations. Any discount code publicized online won’t be applicable for Ticketsinventory purposes. But, valid discount codes are received through email or through our Twitter and Facebook pages. And in case, you have a Ticketsinventory discount code that doesn’t work, then you may contact us and see what we can do to solve the problem. After inspection, we’ll know if the code is valid or not and will be processed to you manually.

Can I be refunded?

Seldom! Ticket sellers offer a refund for customers in few situations where our warranties are violated. However, mostly all sales are final and the customer could not receive any refund. You have also to remember that the initial seller of a ticket is the one who handles the reimbursement process. Since, they are those who charge your card.

Questions About Other Issues

Is my order accepted?

You have to keep in mind the real seller of your tickets must confirm your order before being approved. Any guarantees we give you take effect only after an order is confirmed. And receiving an email from us containing order information does not necessarily mean that your order is accepted. That email, is only an abstract of your order details and a notice in which you are informed that your request has been sent to the tickets seller. To know if the order is officially accepted or not, you have to wait a little bit longer. Basically, you’ll know that within 24 hours after your receive an email from the seller. Seldom, there are situations when sellers don’t send an email or you received it on your junk folder. For the purpose of confirming your order in these rare cases, you have two things to remember:

First, you may call the ticket seller and request your order status. The seller information is found in the receipt you received from us after placing your order.

Second, you have the choice of calling us and we may check up the status of your order. Just remember that we could not provide any deadline for the approval of your order while it is still pending. Since, we don’t have tickets and then we could not know if the order will be confirmed or rejected.

In case of event cancellation, what happens?

In some cases, it may happen that an event is cancelled or never take place. In such situations, you’ll be refunded by the ticket seller the price paid excluding shipping fees. Other times, the customer may already have tickets in hand when the cancellation declared. In the like cases, before being refunded, you’ll be required to return tickets. And we could guarantee that after returning the tickets, you’ll be refunded for the cancelled event.

What if an event is rescheduled?

Regrettably, in some cases, a promoter or a performer of an event postpones an event. Here, tickets you purchased will have the validity for the next date of the event. In fact, this is the case even when the event time is switched and this rarely happens. In this situation, you’ll have to contact the seller and you’ll be handled the ticketing issue. Generally, however, it’s worthy to note that a postponement of an event does not necessarily give the right for a refund. If you are unable to attend at the new date, you can try to resell tickets through Ticketsinventory.

Is Ticketsinventory a safe website?

Absolutely! What people are more concerned about online purchases is the security of their information they provide online because, in addition to good things, the net is full of dangers and people worry about the safety. We take the customer’s fears in consideration and highly protect against any risks. Ticketsinventory is a PCI Compliant and have the most recent technology. Thus, when you provide your information during order placement, make sure that they are completely secured. Remember that while on our website, you can provide your personal information in a complete satisfaction.

Is there park near the venue?
Is alcohol allowed at the venue?
Does my child needs a ticket too?
Are cameras allowed to the venue?

Sorry, but we can’t answer these questions since we do not have answers. We are a network through which accredited sellers resale tickets. And this has a meaning that we don’t have any personal relation with performers, box office, or venue. Consequently, we don’t have any direct contact with venues to know all these details. For that, concerning such questions, customers have to contact the venues themselves.