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John C. McGinley joins Glengarry Glen Ross cast

Posted by Mike on 7 August 2012



The producers of David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, “Glengarry Glen Ross”, said Monday that John C. McGinley has become part of the cast. McGinley, who is known for his work on TV’s “Scrubs” and “Burn Notice,” will take the role of Dave Moss in the work.

The revival that will start Oct, 16, is directed by Daniel Sullivan, and the official opening is expected at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in Manhattan Nov, 11.

2012 marks the 30 anniversary of the play that Mamet wrote in 1982. It made its US appearance in 1984 at Chicago’ Goodman Theatre, after then it moved to Broadway where it performed for 378 times.


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