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Ellie Goulding loses luggage for second time in a month

Posted by Jack Moore on 28 March 2013


The British singer Ellie Goulding couldn’t bear losing her luggage for the second time in a month. Last week, the star come USA to make a music video, but when she arrived in US, she found out that her luggage hasn’t travelled with her, but left in London. What she would have worn to appear in the video, maybe she lent clothes from her fans. She came to Florida to promote her track I Need Your Love with Calvin Harris, but she would have sung I need my luggage, or even I need some clothes.

On Tuesday March 26, 2013, Ellie Goulding discovered that her luggage including her guitar is missing. Ellie Goulding went to Twitter and expressed her anger “Baggage left again. This time in Washington by United Airlines. People seriously not wantin’ (sic) me to have luggage! Delirious guffaw.” she wrote.


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