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New York Jets fans wonder if Tim Tebow would remain with the team

Posted by Jack Moore on 5 March 2013


New York Jets fans are wondering if the team would keep Tim Tebow. And the response come from the manager of the team John Idzik and said that “Tim, as you know, (is) currently on our roster and what we’re doing is we’re trying to increase competition at that position and positions across the board”. The new league year is to start in a week and fans still waiting if Tim Tebow will stay or traded.


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Oscar Pistorius moved to new jail

Posted by Jack Moore on 15 February 2013


The South African Para-Olympic superstar, Oscar Pistorius, accused of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, is moved to new Jail to meet hi special needs as double amputee. It’s reported that Oscar won’t any longer receive home cooked meals, or accept visitors, as it was the case in his first night of jail.




The Baltimore Ravens beat 49ers and win 2013 Super bowl

Posted by Jack Moore on 4 February 2013


Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers at the super bowl 2013, and by that victory, they become the NFL champions. Joe Flacco voted the MVP and leads his team to this 34-31 victory. It’s for the first time in six strips to the Super Bowl that 49ers lose. The ravens have already won the championship back in 2001 when linebacker Ray Lewis was voted the game’s MVP.


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Lance Armstrong confessed he was doping

Posted by Jack Moore on 18 January 2013


After years of deny; now Lance Armstrong confessed that he doped before all 7 of his Tour de France wins. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance said that he was taking testosterone, human growth hormone, EPO, and everything you can imagine. But Lance he said was not afraid of being caught. Armstrong said that he isn’t shocked by the fuss made over his lies and deceit. “I deserve it” he said. It’s to be mentioned that Lance was stripped last October from his 7 titles of tour de France by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (Usada).



Shakira and Gerard Pique tweeted picture of her baby bump

Posted by Jack Moore on 17 January 2013


Yesterday, the Colombian star Shakira and her boyfriend, Gerard Pique, the soccer player in Barcelona, tweeted the picture showing Shakira’s baby bump. “We’d like to celebrate the imminent birth of our first child with all of you,” said to her followers on twitter. The couple said that they want their baby’s gifts would be donated to the United Nations Children’s Fund. “In lieu of receiving gifts for our baby, as with a traditional shower, we would like to offer support for babies who live in conditions of extreme poverty throughout the world” they said.




Kobe Bryant sees that their loss to 76ers is due to their age

Posted by Jack Moore on 2 January 2013


After the LA Lakers lost for Philadelphia 76ers, Kobe Bryant sees that the loss is due to the age of Lakers. He said “Cause we’re old as s—,” “You just saw an old damn team,” Kobe added. Although he is in his 17th year, Bryant was able to lead the team in scoring this season. May be the Lakers should start bringing some young players to profit from the experience of elderly players like Kobe.


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Philadelphia Eagles lose yesterday game for Cincinnati Bengals

Posted by Mike on 14 December 2012


Last night didn’t bring good news for Philadelphia Eagles that were beaten by the Cincinnati Bengals 34-13. In the last playoff, the Bengals (8-6) succeed to take a half-game lead over Steelers in the AFC. Next week, the Bengals’ game at Pittsburgh is more important than this one. What would ruin the chances of Bengals is the loss of Steelers.



Kobe Bryant is the 5th player to reach the score of 30.000 points

Posted by Jack Moore on 7 December 2012


Last Wednesday, the Los Angeles Lakers player, Kobe Bryant reached the score of 30.000 points, and that gives him the honor to be the 5th player to reach that score in NBA history. Wilt Chamberlin, Karl Malone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan are the 4 players that have this score, but Kobe is the youngest of them to reach it. His first scores date back 16 years ago in 1996.



Rob Gronkowski had surgery after broking his forearm

Posted by Mike on 19 November 2012


Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriots player had surgery on his broken forearm at the game against the Colts. It’s not yet sure how long he would be away from games, but certainly he’ll need weeks to gain back his form. Gronkowski took the place of the six weeks absence of Aaron Hernandez, who was also suffering ankle injury.


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NFL Referees and on-field officials reached agreement

Posted by Mike on 27 September 2012


After extended negotiations, the NFL Referees association and union that represent on-field officials reached an agreement yesterday night, and they will make an end to the lockout for the slate of the week’s four games. In a statement, Roger Goodell, an NFL commissioner said “We appreciate the commitment of the NFLRA in working through the issues to reach this important agreement.”


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